SVES PTA Officers 2022-23

President - Jennifer Glynn 

VP, Ways and Means - Antonia Blackwood (

VP, Programs - OPEN 

Membership - Anjia Nicolaidis ( / Holly Renolds (

Corresponding Secretary - Melissa DiLoreto (

Recording SecretaryAlex McLachlan (

Treasurer - Tina Gordan (

Committees & Chairs

Amazing Earth -  Veena Sandhir  (

Basketball Challenge - Kai & Amber Chung (outgoing chairs)  OPEN (incoming chair)

Bike/Walk to School Days - Sasha Hafner (

Bulletin Board - OPEN

Communications PT Board - Heather Toth

Dining for Dollars - OPEN

Events - Teresa Rios (

Email Newsletter - Candice Johnson (

Facebook Group Admin - Heather Toth (Email)

GREAT Art - OPEN ( …  

Homecoming Parade - Kai Chung 

Innovation Lab - Antonia Blackwood (

Retail Rewards - MaryBeth Robinson  

School Supply Kits - Sarah Cole ( & Bharati Karmarkar (                                           

Show What You Know - Antonia Blackwood (

Special Education Liaison - Stephanie Kater (

Spelling Bee - OPEN
Last year’s chair Eliza Morss will help train new person <>

Spirit Wear - Bethann Brennan (

Sponsor Relationships - Geetha Estep & Angeline Van Evera    (

Talent Show - Heather Redding (

Teacher Appreciation
Back to School appreciation - Amy Ferrara (
Stock the Teacher’s Lounge - Sarah Cole (

Website Admin - Eva Everett (

Weekend Backpack Program - Jen Kieley and Laurice Nassif 

Find Us on Facebook

Contact the Facebook Group Admin at to join the SVES PTA Group.

SVES PTA's Website

Questions or comments? Contact the Web Admin at

Officer Role Descriptions

Treasurer responsibilities include:

  • Processing payments and expense reimbursement requests
  • Collecting receipts and making bank deposits
  • Tracking PTA revenues and expenses against budget
  • Reporting activity to the Board and general membership monthly
  • Handling money at PTA events
  • Overseeing the annual budget process
  • Providing general financial support to the PTA Board throughout the year

The Treasurer role is a great introduction to the PTA and a way to learn the processes and procedures.

President-Elect may be called upon at any time to assume the role of president, temporarily or until the position is filled in accordance with our bylaws. Responsibilities include:

  • Implementing duties delegated by the president​​
  • Representing the president in his or her absence​
  • Performing specific duties as provided for in the bylaws​
  • Familiarizing yourself with all PTA programs and resources​
  • Preparing for leadership by attending additional training opportunities and events that may be offered by your council, region, state or National PTA

Great presidents-elect often learn or possess leadership, planning and public speaking skills.

PTA members look to the PTA President for leadership in creating partnerships within your community and fostering an environment where family engagement is encouraged and respected. Responsibilities include:

  • Chairing board and general meetings​
  • Overseeing fiscal compliance​
  • Serving as a liaison with school administration or community partners​
  • Checking in regularly with officers and committees to ensure the overall plan is on target​
  • Identifying challenges and inviting solutions​
  • Familiarizing yourself with all PTA programs and resources​
  • Representing PTA to the community​
  • Recruiting and mentoring volunteers and future leaders​
  • Volunteering at events, when available

Great presidents often have leadership, planning and public speaking skills and experience.

Recording Secretary will serve the PTA by keeping an accurate record of meetings, which become part of the permanent history of the PTA.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with the President to create a meeting agenda

  • Sending out meeting announcements, agendas and supporting documents

  • Taking attendance and checking for quorum (minimum number of members who must be present to conduct business at a meeting) during voting

  • Presenting the draft minutes of the previous meeting, making any corrections and ensuring approved minutes are included in your PTA's permanent record

  • Taking minutes, including counting and recording any votes

Great secretaries often have prior volunteer and/or meeting experience and are enthusiastic about PTA.

Web Admin will serve the PTA by maintaining the website, emails and various PTA accounts. They may also research, develop and leverage technology to support PTA efforts.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the PTA website as needed

  • Providing general website support to PTA officers and committee chairs (e.g., creating Announcements, Volunteer Signups and Forms)

  • Updating Home Page banner images

  • Maintaining PTBoard accounts (parent, staff, operation admin and super admin)

  • Transitioning PTA officer and committee chair email and PTBoard accounts

  • Rolling over the previous school year in preparation for the new school year

  • Providing budget needs for online services to the Budget Committee

  • Acting as a liaison between the PTA, PTBoard users and the web hosting provider (

Great web admins often have prior website experience and are enthusiastic about PTA.

VP, Programs/Enrichment will serve the PTA by overseeing programs and enrichment at Sunrise Valley.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing a Chair or Committee for each in-class program (e.g., Amazing Earth, GREAT Art)

  • Organizing a Chair or Committee for each competitive program (e.g., Reflections, Wordmasters)

  • Organizing a Chair or Committee for before-school enrichment (e.g., chess, dance, STEM)

  • Working with the school administration to plan programs and enrichment for the new school year

  • Assisting with advertising, scheduling, and volunteers for each program as needed

  • Providing budget estimates for events to the Budget Committee

Great Events VPs often have prior volunteer experience and are passionate about PTA programs.

VP, Events will serve the PTA by overseeing community and fundraising events at Sunrise Valley.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing a Chair or Committee for each community event (e.g., Homecoming Parade, Science Night, Talent Show)

  • Organizing a Chair or Committee for each fundraising event (e.g., Fall Festival, Skate Night, Basketball Challenge, Dining for Dollars)

  • Working with the school administration to schedule events for the school year

  • Assisting with advertising, scheduling, and volunteers for each event as needed

  • Providing budget estimates for each event to the Budget Committee

  • Maintaining a 3:1 ratio of community events to fundraising events

Great Events VPs sometimes have prior event planning experience and are enthusiastic about PTA.

SVES PTA Mission

SVES PTA works to enrich the learning experience of our children, energize our community, and support the families, teachers, and administrators that make Sunrise Valley great.





Why should I support SVES PTA?

Because YOU care about your child and WE want to provide the best educational experience for ALL students. Fairfax County Public Schools is only able to provide so much after salaries, building maintenance, books, technology, and staff needs, so we encourage EVERYONE to contribute because EVERY dollar benefits our students. Your support—in the form of a $25, $50 or $100 membership—will pay for academic and enrichment programs and events that are not funded by the school’s budget. SVES PTA programs and events will only occur with adequate funding and membership is our biggest fundraiser of the year.

  • For early registration access to and reduced fees for enrichment programs
  • To connect with a community of parents for resources and ideas
  • To help shape your child(ren)’s academic experience
What events are made possible by SVES PTA?

The following events are organized, hosted, and fully funded by SVES PTA:

Rising Kindergarten Play Dates (August)

Appreciation events for Teachers and School Staff (August, December, May)

Popsicles on the Playground (August)

Boo Hoo / Woo Hoo Breakfast (August)

Dining for Dollars (all year)

Bike/Walk to School (October, May)

Fall Festival (October/November)

Homecoming Parade (October)

Veterans Day Celebration (November)

Skate Night (December)

Game Night (February)

Basketball Challenge (March)

Show What You Know Expo (April)

Talent Show (May)

Movie Night (May)

Sixth Grade Party (June)

What programs are made possible by SVES PTA?

The following programs are organized, hosted, and fully funded by SVES PTA:

Amazing Earth

Enrichment classes

Field trip buses


Playground equipment


Teacher mini grants ($400/grade for items not covered by FCPS)

Technology (laptops, iPads, etc)


What can I do to support SVES PTA?

You can support SVES PTA with a family membership of $25, $50, or $100 or a teacher membership ($5). You can also donate any amount you’d like and/or volunteer your time.


Is my SVES PTA donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.


Do I need to volunteer my time if I have an SVES PTA membership?

No. You are not required to volunteer if you support SVES PTA.


Do I need to attend PTA meetings if I have an SVES PTA membership?

No. You are not required to attend PTA meetings if you support SVES PTA.


Do I need to sell anything (wrapping paper, cookies, etc) for SVES PTA?

No. SVES PTA does not ask students to sell products to raise money.

How does SVES PTA raise money?

Our primary fundraising comes from PTA membership—parents/supporters who support SVES PTA for $25, $50 or $100, as well as those who donate any amount of money. We host two main fundraising events—the Fall Festival in the fall and the Basketball Challenge in the spring—along with several smaller events throughout the year. SVES PTA sells Original Works at least once/year, incorporating student’s artwork into keepsake items. We also partner with local restaurants to host dining for dollars events so SVES PTA receives a portion of the proceeds from the sales that day.


Who should I contact if I would like to volunteer?
  • You can attend PTA meetings (second Wednesday of the month).
  • You can visit for upcoming events and add your name to the volunteer signup list.
  • You can volunteer in your child’s classroom for Amazing Earth and/or GREAT Art—both programs require one hour/month.
  • You can join the SVES PTA Facebook Group to stay informed about what’s happening with timely reminders. It’s also a great place to ask questions or connect with other parents related to specific events or topics.
What are programs NOT sponsored by SVES PTA?


Odyssey of the Mind

School Supply Kits


Who can I contact if I have other questions about SVES PTA?

Contact SVES PTA Membership at If they don’t know the answer to your question, they will find someone who does!



2021-2022 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Date Agenda   Minutes 
September 2021 Agenda Minutes
October 2021 Agenda Minutes
November 2021 Agenda Minutes
December 2021 Agenda Minutes
January 2022 Agenda Minutes
February 2022 Agenda Minutes
March 2022 Agenda Minutes
April 2022 Agenda Minutes
May 2022 Agenda Minutes
June 2022 Agenda  

Questions? Contact our Recording Secretary at

2020-2021 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Date Agenda   Minutes 
August 2020 Agenda Minutes
September 2020 Agenda Minutes
October 2020 Agenda Minutes
November 2020 Agenda Minutes
December 2020 Agenda Minutes
January 2021 Agenda Minutes
February 2021 Agenda Minutes
March 2021 Agenda Minutes
April 2021 Agenda Minutes
May 2021 Agenda Minutes
June 2021 Agenda Minutes

2019-2020 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes
September 11, 2019 Agenda Minutes
October 16, 2019 Agenda Minutes 
November 13, 2019 Agenda Minutes
December 11, 2019 Agenda Minutes 
January 15, 2020 Agenda MInutes
February 12, 2020 Agenda Minutes
March 11, 2020 Agenda Minutes
April 22, 2020 Agenda Minutes
May 20, 2020 Agenda Minutes
June 11, 2020 Agenda Minutes

2018-2019 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes
September 12, 2018 Agenda Minutes
October 10, 2018 Agenda Minutes
November 14, 2018 Agenda Minutes
December 12, 2018 Agenda Minutes
January 9, 2019 Agenda Minutes
February 13, 2019 Agenda Minutes
March 13, 2019 Agenda Minutes
April 10, 2019 Agenda Minutes
May 8, 2019 Agenda Minutes
June 5, 2019 Agenda Minutes

2017-2018 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes
September 13, 2017 Agenda Minutes
October 4, 2017 Agenda Minutes
November 1, 2017 Agenda Minutes
December 6, 2017 Agenda  
January 3, 2018 Agenda Minutes
February 7, 2018 Canceled Canceled
March 7, 2018 Agenda Minutes
April 4, 2018 Agenda Minutes
May 2, 2018 Agenda Minutes
June 6, 2018    

2016-2017 Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes
September 13, 2016 Agenda Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2016 Agenda Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2016 Agenda Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2016   Minutes
January 10, 2017   Minutes
February 14, 2017   Minutes
March 21, 2017   Minutes
April 4, 2017   Minutes
May 9, 2017   Minutes
June 13, 2017    

Mini Grants

The following criteria are taken into consideration when funding mini grants:

  1. The grant will benefit many students.
  2. The grant is outside FCPS normal funding opportunities and/or will uniquely enrich the student’s educational experience.
  3. The grant application is complete with all documentation—including relevant websites, pictures, graphics, etc—provided.
  4. The grant funding does not obligate the PTA in a repetitive contract or program for future benefits.


Past approved grants have included cooking class, guest speaker, musical drums, basketballs and much more.


Have you ever wanted to:

  • Use your talents and special skills to help Sunrise Valley?
  • Connect with the Sunrise Valley community of families and teachers?
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment?

Then consider using your time, talents, skills and energy to help in the areas listed below. All of the amazing programs and events at Sunrise Valley are only possible because of the dedication of our volunteers!


We have many recurring programs that require ongoing opportunities to volunteer. Most of these roles only require an hour or two of your time. You can help once or several times throughout the year.

  • Amazing Earth Volunteer – present a science concept to your child’s class (or assist the presenter) and then facilitate a related science experiment during a monthly one-hour classroom session. No science experience is required! Contact the Amazing Earth coordinators at

  • GREAT Art Volunteer – present an artist to your child’s class (or assist the presenter) and then facilitate a related art project during a monthly one-hour classroom session. No art knowledge is required! Contact the GREAT Art coordinators at


We plan many one-time family events throughout the year and need everyone’s help for them to be successful. The events present a variety of volunteer opportunities including pre-planning, idea sharing, and event day execution. We welcome your thoughts, talents and time to enrich these events… and the lives of our SVES kids!

  • Homecoming Parade Coordinator (October) 
  • Skate Night Coordinator (December) 
  • Family Game Night Coordinator (February) 


Questions? Contact the SVES PTA Events Team at

Website Privacy

Login and Password:

Every user on the PTA website is assigned a login (their selected email) and password (chosen by the user). Each password is encrypted in the web hosting provider’s database and is not visible to any PTA website users including Super Admin. Each user may change his/her own login and password as desired. Super Admin does not have the ability to change user logins or reset passwords.


Personal Information:

Users of the PTA website can enter and edit personal information such as email, phone, and address. Users are also able to edit the personal information of members of their families. Super Admin has the ability to change or delete user data and remove user accounts.


Online Use of Student Names and Photos:

Our PTA online policy prohibits the display of students’ full names and/or the display of student photos. For names, the PTA will use the student's first name followed by a single initial for the last name, e.g. "Jane D." For photos, permissible exceptions are those which do not show students' faces (e.g. taken from the back) or photos in which the students' faces are too small for identification even when the photo is digitally enlarged.


The purpose of this policy is to protect the privacy of our students and their families. This policy extends to all forms of online posting for PTA-sponsored programs and events and includes, but is not limited to, the PTA website, auction websites, online surveys, etc. Students' full names and/or photos may be used with express written permission from a student's parent or legal guardian. This authorization must be submitted to the PTA president and the PTA web admin and will be stored in our PTA records.  


Student Directory:

The student directory is a restricted resource on the PTA website only for PTA members who are confirmed families at Sunrise Valley. Personal information, including name and email, is visible to all other PTA website users who are also PTA members. This information can be limited by each user through the process of concealing data within the student directory or removing data permanently from the user account. Super Admin can remove data upon request. Most display options are manageable by the individual user.

Information Collection and Sharing

When you provide your name, email, phone numbers, address, and student information, the PTA may use this information to contact you about orders you have made, registration for your student, or volunteer opportunities you have signed up for. 


The PTA does not share your information with outside vendors without your express permission. 


The PTA does not share your information with Room Parents or Teachers.  You must join your student’s teacher’s classroom in order to be included in Amazing Earth and GREAT Art communication. 

Financial Aid

Scholarship requests are highly confidential. Only the treasurer and the school counselor have information about families that request financial aid. Super Admin does not have access to personal financial information about any Sunrise Valley families except for actual purchases made through the website. 

Financial Privacy and Security

Purchases and Registrations:

Users may view their order history, as well as details about each order. Super Admin has this ability as well. Paid orders cannot be deleted by any users, only by our web hosting provider.


Credit card numbers are NOT stored in the PTA website database. They are transmitted to our credit card processing agency (PayPal) at each point of purchase. The treasurer does not have access to credit card numbers when processing payments or refunds through PayPal administration.


Website Security

The PTA website is maintained on a shared server at our web hosting provider, All data on our website is secured by an SSL certificate issued to and every user is assigned a login (their selected email) and password (selected by the user) in order to access their data such as personal information, order history, and registration details.


User: A person who has created an account on the PTA website. This designation gives the user access to restricted content on the website. A user can participate in sign-ups, purchase products and receive PTA email communication. All currently-enrolled Sunrise Valley ES families and staff (administration, teachers, etc.) who have an account on the PTA website qualify as “users.”


Visitor: An anonymous member of the general public who can see everything that is in the non-restricted areas of the PTA website. They can purchase most products (e.g., tickets, spirit wear, etc.) available on the website. They can not participate in sign-ups and will not receive PTA email communication.


Super Admin: This is a user who is given this designation in the administration section of our PTA website. Super Admin has full control over all aspects of the configuration and content of the website. They have the authority to make changes in all areas of the website and can view all personal data collected by the website’s users. The following individuals are designated as super admin for our PTA website: the Web Admin, the President, and the Membership VP.


Web Hosting Provider: Our PTA website is hosted on web servers that are owned and operated by


Specific questions about PTA online privacy and security should be addressed to the web admin at