We have an exciting program of before school enrichment classes at Sunrise Valley Elementary School!
Thank you to all of the parents and educators who took part in our survey last spring. It is SVES PTA’s mission to provide a rich, rewarding and diverse before school experience to students, parents and educators with a variety of price points.
Enrichment activities are offered directly before the school day and provide students opportunities to explore new activities, develop skills, exercise, and connect socially with a greater cross section of their school peers outside the classroom. Before school enrichment classes are offered onsite by outside providers who have classes designed specifically for kids. All providers are approved vendors by FCPS. We will offer three sessions of activities this year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each activity will meet once a week for a total of eight classes. Fall activities are open to all students in grades 1­-6. The winter and spring sessions are also open to Kindergarteners.

Can a parent teach an enrichment class?
Yes, a parent can teach a PTA-sponsored enrichment class. The parent and any other individuals instructing students will be subject to all laws, rules, and regulations required by FCPS and government (including background check, review of all financial plans associated with the class, insurance, and other requirements that may be requested by FCPS).

It is recommended that the parent contact the Enrichment Coordinator no later than February/March of the year prior to the academic year in which they would like to teach an enrichment class. The Enrichment Coordinator will work with the parent to include course information in the Survey which is sent to PTA Members in the spring to gather feedback about past and prospective enrichment classes. Based on the feedback received, the Enrichment Coordinator presents the findings of the survey to SVES Administration and the PTA Board, with the SVES PTA Board providing final approval of enrichment providers for the following school year. These meetings may occur during the summer break, depending on the timing of the survey and year-end school activities.

Here is more information about FCPS Facilities Use. 

This process is for teaching PTA-sponsored enrichment classes only. The SVES PTA is happy to include points of contact on our website for programs that are not sponsored by the PTA. Examples include: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Odyssey of the Mind.

Can an FCPS employee teach an enrichment class?
Employees of FCPS can also teach enrichment classes, subject to the same process outlined above. Since they are already employed by FCPS, the security element of the process may be completed more quickly.

What happens if FCPS is closed or has a delayed opening?
Enrichment will be canceled in the event that FCPS is closed or has a delayed start time. We try to build in two makeup dates if classes are canceled, however, there is minimal time between Enrichment Terms, so Mondays may be used for makeup classes. We make every effort to schedule makeup classes, however, there is the possibility that a class may not meet the number of times originally scheduled .

Why are classes offered before school and not after?
FCPS allows our PTA to use unused classrooms and at this time they are only available before school starts in the morning. If this changes we will explore scheduling after school programs.

Why is each family required to volunteer for one hour per Term?
Enrichment programs take place during the school’s normal daily preparation time. In order to be good tenants (the PTA rents the facilities at no charge from FCPS), we are responsible for opening the front doors and assisting Enrichment instructors as needed during the Enrichment Program. Based on enrollment, if each family volunteers just one hour per Term (Fall, Winter, Spring), we will have enough volunteers to cover our rental time. If we do not have adequate volunteer coverage, the Enrichment Program will be reduced.


What happens if there are no parent volunteers? 

If there are no parent volunteers, then each parent must escort his/her child into the school and wait with him/her until the instructor has arrived. For your child's safety (and per the school's policy about unattended children,) please do NOT drop your children off at the front entrance and leave.

How can I volunteer if I can't come to school in the morning?
We understand that not every family can make the morning commitment at school. We have other ways that you can help. Please send an email to EnrichmentSVESPTA@gmail.com.

How do I register my child?
Please visit SVES.ptboard.com and select 'Form & Payment’ from the left menu to register and pay for classes. Don't forget to sign up for yor volunteer time!


Can Kindergarteners particpate?
Since Kindergartners are new to the school, the teachers would like for these students to focus on getting to know their school in the Fall. Kindergarteners can join the Enrichment Program in the Winter and Spring Terms.

What is the PTA Refund Policy?
Refunds cannot be issued because the PTA makes commitments to pay Enrichment instructors based on the number of students enrolled by the registration deadline. If a class does not have the minimum number of students registered, parents will be offered an opportunity to enroll their student in a different class or be refunded the class cost.

How are Enrichment Programs chosen?
Each Spring we send out a survey to PTA Members asking for feedback about Enrichment Programs. We use this feedback to prepare a portfolio of courses to offer in the following academic year. Vendors for the selected classes are chosen from the list of approved FCPS vendors.

How are the prices set for Enrichment Programs?
Pre-approved vendors go through a rigorous vetting program with FCPS — which includes a financial review to ensure that costs are kept as affordable as possible. The SVES PTA charges a small fee to cover the costs of our online commerce system and does not use the Enrichment 
Program as a fundraiser.

As a benefit of joining the PTA, members will have early access to register their child(ren) for enrichment activities at a reduced price. We urge all parents to take advantage of early bird enrollment so minimum enrollment numbers can be met. After the one-week early bird window, online registration will be available to all SVES families at an additional price of $10 per activity. 

Registration Scedule for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall Term

  • Early Bird Registration starts August 28.

  • Regular Registration started September 5.

  • Registration closed September 15.

  • Enrichment classes started September 26.

Winter Term

  • Early Bird Registration started November 6.

  • Regular Registration started November 13.

  • Registration closed November 24.

  • Classes started December 5.

Spring Term

  • Early Bird Registration started February 5.

  • Regular Registration started February 12.

  • Registration closed February 18 (Sunday).

  • Classes started February 27.




Survey sent to all PTA Members, whether or not their child(ren) participated in the Enrichment Program, as well as SVES Teachers for two weeks in May, starting 5/12/17 and ending 5/27/17. Survey tool used: Survey Monkey.


Sent to 169 individuals, with responses from 42 individuals (24.8%):

38 Parents

1 Teacher (no children at SVES)

3 Teachers/parents with children attending SVES


Survey Participants’ children represented each grade at school:

12 - 1st Grade

12 - 2nd Grade

9 - 3rd Grade

9 - 5th Grade

7 - 4th Grade

4 - Kindergarten

4 - 6th Grade

1 - N/A (Teacher without children at school)


Survey Participants had children in all 2016-2017 Enrichment classes, except Creative Writing Seminar.


Survey Participants ranked classes from 2016-2017 they would like to return for 2017-2018 (select up to six):

  1. 20 - Run Club (Gr K-6)

  2. 17 - Chess (Gr 2-6)

  3. 13 - Introduction to Acting (Gr 3-6)

  4. 11 - Introduction to Improvisation (Gr 3-6) and Yoga (Gr K-6)

  5. 9 - Photography (Gr 4-6), Zumba (Gr K-6)


Survey Participants ranked prospective classes for 2017-2018 (select up to six):

  1. 18 - Spanish (Gr K-3)

  2. 16 - Introduction to Computer Science & Coding (Gr 4-6)

  3. 13 - Web Design (Gr 3-6)

  4. 11 - Introduction to Computer Science & Coding (Gr 1-3)

  5. 8 - Cryptography (Gr 4-6), Science (Gr 4-6), Spanish (Gr 4-6)

There were also some write-in suggestions.


Survey Participants were asked to select how many Enrichment Terms they would like in an Academic Year:

Two (Fall/Winter): 6

Three (Fall/Winter/Spring): 19

No Preference: 17


Survey Participants were asked how many times in a Term they would like a class to meet:

8 times: 10

10 times: 11

No Preference: 21


Survey Participants were asked if a calendar invite would be a helpful reminder of the class (and possible cancellations and rescheduled dates)

Yes: 30

No: 0

No Preference: 12


Feedback was also requested for how to better communicate the need for volunteers as well as general suggestions for improvement.